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S-1/A - S-1 AMEND 1 2-11 - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1feb-11.txt
EX-5 - EXH. 5 OPINION OF COUNSEL - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh5feb-11.txt
EX-3 - EXH. 3.2 BYLAWS - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh32feb-11.txt
EX-10 - EXH. 10.1 LINE OF CREDIT TERMS - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh101feb-11.txt
EX-3 - EXH. 3.1.2 AMEND TO ART OF INCORP - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh312feb-11.txt
EX-23 - EXH. 23.2 CONSENT OF CHADWICK - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh232feb-11.txt
EX-3 - EXH. 3.1.1 ART OF INCORP - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh311feb-11.txt
EX-23 7 s1amd1exh231feb-11.txt EXH. 23.1 CONSENT OF HART & TRINEN EXHIBIT 23.1 CONSENT OF ATTORNEYS Reference is made to the Registration Statement of Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. on Form S-1 whereby certain selling shareholders propose to sell up to 4,125,000 shares of the Company's common stock. Reference is also made to Exhibit 5 included in the Registration Statement relating to the validity of the securities proposed to be issued and sold. We hereby consent to the use of our opinion concerning the validity of the securities proposed to be issued and sold and to the reference to our firm in the Company's prospectus under the heading "Legal Matters". Very truly yours, HART & TRINEN, L.L.P. /s/ William T. Hart William T. Hart Denver, Colorado February 17, 2011