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S-1/A - S-1 AMEND 1 2-11 - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1feb-11.txt
EX-5 - EXH. 5 OPINION OF COUNSEL - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh5feb-11.txt
EX-3 - EXH. 3.2 BYLAWS - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh32feb-11.txt
EX-10 - EXH. 10.1 LINE OF CREDIT TERMS - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh101feb-11.txt
EX-3 - EXH. 3.1.2 AMEND TO ART OF INCORP - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh312feb-11.txt
EX-3 - EXH. 3.1.1 ART OF INCORP - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh311feb-11.txt
EX-23 - EXH. 23.1 CONSENT OF HART & TRINEN - Nano Labs Corp.s1amd1exh231feb-11.txt
EX-23 8 s1amd1exh232feb-11.txt EXH. 23.2 CONSENT OF CHADWICK EXHIBIT 23.2 RONALD R. CHADWICK, P.C. Certified Public Accountant 2851 South Parker Road, Suite 720 Aurora, Colorado 80014 Telephone (303)306-1967 Fax (303)306-1944 CONSENT OF INDEPENDENT REGISTERED PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRM I consent to the use in the Registration Statement of Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. on Form S-1 of my Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, dated December 22, 2010 on the balance sheets of Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. as at June 30, 2009 and 2010, and the related statements of operations, stockholders' equity, and cash flows for the years then ended. /s/ Ronald R. Chadwick, P.C. RONALD R. CHADWICK, P.C. Aurora, Colorado February 17, 2011