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Forest Green Corporation   New York
TRB No. 1 Corp.    New York
TRB 69th Street Corp.    New York
TRB Lawrence Realty Corp.    New York
TRB Yonkers Corp.    New York
TRB Hartford Corp.    Connecticut
BRT Joint Venture No. 1 LLC   Delaware
TRB Stuart LLC   Florida
TRB Plainfield LLC   New Jersey
TRB West 15th Street LLC   New York
TRB Fort Wayne LLC   Indiana
TRB Apopka LLC   Florida
TRB Miami Beach LLC   Florida
TRB MB Owner LLC   Florida
TRB West Palm Beach LLC   Florida
TRB West Palm Beach II LLC   Florida
TRB Chattanooga LLC   Tennessee
TRB Daytona LLC   Florida
TRB Highland Ridge LLC   Tennessee
TRB Cumberland LLC   Tennessee
TRB Archwood LLC   Tennessee
TRB Enon Springs LLC   Tennessee
TRB Crestbrook LLC   Tennessee
TRB Arbors LLC   Tennessee
TRB Chelsea LLC   New York
TRB Avalon LLC   Florida
TRB Naples LLC   Florida
TRB Utica LLC   New York
TRB Purchase Street Realty LLC   New York
TRB Broad Street LLC   New Jersey
TRB Newark Assemblage LLC   New Jersey
TRB Newark TRS LLC   New Jersey
TRB Mesa Lender LLC   New York
TRB Clinton Street LLC   New York
TRB Fort Wayne Inn LLC   Indiana