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Name of Subsidiary and Name
Under Which It Does Business

Jurisdiction of Incorporation
1035 Line CompanyDelaware
3330472 Nova Scotia CompanyCanada
Baptista’s Bakery, LLCWisconsin
CAH CorporationDelaware
Campbell Argentina S.A.Argentina
Campbell Company of CanadaCanada
Campbell EU Investment CompanyDelaware
Campbell Finance 2 Corp.Delaware
Campbell Foodservice CompanyPennsylvania
Campbell Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
Campbell International Holdings Inc.Delaware
Campbell Investment CompanyDelaware
Campbell Jin Bao Tang, Inc.Delaware
Campbell Luxembourg Holdings S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
Campbell MFG 1 CompanyDelaware
Campbell Sales CompanyNew Jersey
Campbell Soup Asia LimitedHong Kong
Campbell Soup Dominicana, S.A.Dominican Republic
Campbell Soup Supply Company L.L.C.Delaware
Campbell Swire (HK) LtdHong Kong
Campbell Swire (Xiamen) Co LtdChina
Campbell Swire Equipment Leasing LtdHong Kong
Campbell U.S. Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Campbell Urban Renewal CorporationNew Jersey
Campbell’s de Mexico S.A. de C. V.Mexico
CANEB L.L.C.Delaware
CanFin Holdings Inc.Delaware
CIRT Urban Renewal Corp.New Jersey
Comercializadora Campbell de Guatemala, LimitadaGuatemala
CSC Brands LPDelaware
CSC Insights, Inc.New Jersey
CSC Standards, Inc.New Jersey
DFKA Ltd. United Kingdom
Diamond Foods Brazil Holdings LLCDelaware
Diamond of Europe GmbHGermany
EDS Investments, LLCNew Jersey
Hazelton Parent, Inc.Delaware
Joseph Campbell CompanyNew Jersey
Kettle Foods Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Kettle Foods, Inc.Oregon
Late July Snacks, LLCDelaware

Name of Subsidiary and Name
Under Which It Does Business

Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Pacific Foods Investments, Inc.Delaware
Pacific Foods of Oregon, LLCOregon
Pepperidge Farm, IncorporatedConnecticut
Plum, PBCDelaware
Princeton Vanguard, LLCDelaware
S-L Distribution Company, LLC Delaware
S-L Snacks AZ, LLC North Carolina
S-L Snacks BB SRLBarbados
S-L Snacks EU, LLCDelaware
S-L Snacks FL, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks GA, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks IN, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks IN-PS, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks Logistics, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks MA, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks National, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks NC, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks OH, LLC North Carolina
S-L Snacks OR, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks PA, LLCNorth Carolina
S-L Snacks WI, LLCNorth Carolina
Snack Factory, LLCNew Jersey
Snyder's-Lance, Inc.North Carolina
Wimbledon Acquisition LLCDelaware

The foregoing does not constitute a complete list of all subsidiaries of the registrant. Any subsidiaries that have been omitted do not, if considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, constitute a “Significant Subsidiary” as defined by the SEC.