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Inline XBRL Viewer


The Inline XBRL Viewer allows a user to quickly and easily review details of the tagged information in an Inline document by automatically placing a highlight border around each tagged numeric fact and left-aligned border for each block tagged fact. Hovering over a tagged fact will highlight (shade) all content related to the tagged fact, and clicking on a tagged fact will reveal its tagging details in the Fact Review Window. Search and filter options are also provided to easily refine and identify specific types of tagged information.
The Fact Review Window shows the tagging details for the currently selected fact, which is highlighted with a solid blue background. There are four categories of fact detail which can be viewed; an “N/A” value indicates there is no available information for the item within the given category:
  • Attributes - All primary information (as applicable) describing the tagged fact including period, sign, decimals, dimensional detail (axes and members), scale, measure, data type and footnotes
  • Labels - Detailed documentation (definition) for the tag used, and other labels
  • References - Authoritative reference information (as applicable) for the selected tag
  • Calculation - Balance and calculation hierarchy details (numeric items only)

The Search box can be used to find tagged facts matching entered keywords. By default, tag name, tag labels, and tagged content are included in Search. To search tagged information, enter a keyword and select the magnifying glass icon to return matching results. Tagged facts matching the search criteria are shown with a yellow-colored (default) shading, while Tagged Sections are reduced to just those that included the entered search keywords (if expanded; see Tagged Sections for additional detail). The content included in Search can be increased to included tag definitions, dimensions, and authoritative references. See Settings for more information.

Search operators “and” (via “AND” or “&”) and “or” (via “OR” or “|”) are available to further refine a search. For example, and with Settings “Include References“ on, searching for “FASB AND 225“ will highlight tagged data that is related to FASB Codification topic 225.

Filters can be used in conjunction with Search to further refine the scope of Search. Filters reduce the amount of tagged facts that the keyword search is performed on. For example, if “cash” is entered in conjunction with a Tags filter of “Custom Only”, the shaded search results will only be indicated on tagged facts based on a custom tag.

Filters change the number of highlighted facts indicated by providing several ways to review the tagged information. Multiple filters can be used at once. When the first filter is applied, a filter toolbar indicates all active filter selections and provides the ability to remove one or all applied filters.

Data Filter

These filters options allow the user to refine the highlighted tagged facts by data type:
  • All - Displays all tagged data (default)
  • Amounts Only - Numeric items only
  • Text Only - Textual items only
  • Calculations Only - Numeric items participating in a calculation
  • Negatives Only - Numeric items with the Inline “sign” option
  • Additional Items Only - Tagged items with potentially no corresponding HTML presentation (i.e., hidden)

Tags Filter

These filters allow the user to refine the highlighted facts by tag type:
  • Standard Only - Tags from a common taxonomy (e.g., US_GAAP, DEI)
  • Custom Only - Extension tags unique to the entity's document

More Filters

Additional filters that allow user to further refine the highlighted facts:
  • Periods - List of all used context reporting periods
  • Measures - List of all used units of measure; as applicable
  • Axes - List of all used axes (dimensions); as applicable
  • Scale - List of all used scaled options (e.g., thousands, millions); as applicable
  • Balance - Debit, credit; as applicable

Multiple filters work in conjunction with each other. For example, selecting the "Amounts Only" Data filter and "Custom Only" Tags filter will highlight only numeric tagged facts using custom tags. Active filters are displayed in the Filter toolbar as they are selected. Active filters can be removed individually by selecting the "X" icon to the right of each filter, or all at once via the "Clear All" option.

Selecting the down arrow "V" to the right of the facts count on the toolbar reveals the Facts Results List; a navigable listing of all currently highlighted tagged facts. By default, all tagged facts are displayed in the Facts Results List. The list content and count reflects the currently highlighted facts (i.e., both Filters and Search criteria refine the list to match the highlighted tagged facts). Navigation controls are available to move through the list as well as move the current view to the corresponding highlighted fact location automatically. When a fact in the Facts Results List is selected, it will reveal the Fact Review Window.

If the letter "A" appears for a fact, it indicates the fact is additional data (i.e., hidden with potentially no corresponding HTML presentation). If the letter "C" appears, the fact is tagged with a custom tag. If the letter "D" appears, the fact is tagged with dimensional information.

The Information menu item provides additional detail about the current Inline document and customizable viewer settings.
  • Document - Basic company and document information
  • Tags - Fact and tag (standard and custom) information
  • Files - Files used
  • Additional Items - Additional data that’s been tagged but potentially does not have a corresponding location in the HTML

The Tagged Sections toolbar/menu item provides a listing of the tagged sections of the Inline document. By selecting a section item in the listing, the document will navigate to that section. When the Tagged Sections feature is open, the Search box will additionally filter the list of sections to only those sections that match the entered criteria.

The Save XBRL Instance menu item allows an XBRL instance document (*.xml) that’s extracted from the Inline document to be saved locally.

The Save XBRL Zip menu item allows a zip file (*.zip) that contains the as-provided XBRL instance document and related custom taxonomy files to be saved locally.

The Settings menu item provides the ability to customize Viewer features.

Highlight Colors
  • Tagged Data - Change the highlight color of the tagged fact border
  • Search Results - Change the background color of tagged items matching the Search results
  • Selected Fact - Change the color of highlight border used to identify the currently selected fact
  • Tag Shading - Change the color of the shading applied to tagged data
Search Options
  • Match Case - Matches the specific case of the entered Search keyword
  • Include Labels - Extends Search to include tag labels
  • Include Definitions - Extends Search to include tag definitions
  • Include Dimensions - Extends Search to include dimensional detail
  • Include References - Extends Search to include authoritative reference information
Tagged Fact Hover
  • Display - Displays the hover fact review window for any tagged fact*
  • Hide - Hides the hover fact review window for any tagged fact (default)

*May impact performance with certain web browsers.

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