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Exhibit 21.1
Subsidiaries of the Company

Listed below are subsidiaries of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated as of December 31, 2020. Those subsidiaries not listed would not, in the aggregate, constitute a “significant subsidiary” of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, as that term is defined in Rule 1-02(w) of Regulation S-X.
Name of EntityState of Jurisdiction or DomicileDoing Business As
1070715 B.C. Unlimited Liability CompanyBritish Columbia
1st Avenue Pharmacy, Inc.Washington1st Avenue Pharmacy
Genoa Healthcare
310 Canyon Medical, LLCCalifornia
4C MSO LLCDelaware
5995 Minnetonka, LLCDelaware
ABCO International Holdings, LLCDelaware
AbleTo, Inc.Delaware
Access Administrators, Inc.Texas
Access HealthSource Administrators, Inc.Texas
Access HealthSource, Inc.Texas
Accurate Advantage, LLCMissouriAbacus
Abacus 340B Management
Accurate Rx Pharmacy Consulting, LLCMissouriAbacus
Abacus 340B Management
Accurate Rx
Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group
ACN Group IPA of New York, Inc.New York
ACN Group of California, Inc.California
Administradora Clínica La Colina S.A.S.Colombia
Administradora Country S.A.Colombia
Administradora Médica Centromed S.A.Chile
Advanced Surgery Center of Clifton, LLCNew Jersey
Advanced Surgical Hospital, LLCPennsylvania
Advantage Care Network, Inc.Delaware
Advisedby, LLCDelaware
Advocate Condell Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCIllinois
Advocate Southwest Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.L.C.Illinois
Advocate-SCA Partners, LLCDelaware
Affinity Biotech, Inc.Texas
AHN Accountable Care Organization, LLCIndiana
AHN Central Services, LLCIndiana
AHN Target Holdings, LLCDelaware
Alaska Physicians and Surgeons, LLCAlaska
Alaska Spine Center LLCAlaska
Alaska Surgery Center, Limited PartnershipAlaska
Aliansalud Entidad Promotora de Salud S.A.Colombia
All Savers Insurance CompanyIndiana
All Savers Life Insurance Company of CaliforniaCalifornia

Alliance Surgical Center, LLCFloridaAdventHealth Surgery Center - Lake Mary
Aloha Surgical Center, LLCTennessee
Ambient Healthcare, Inc.Florida
Ambient Holdings, Inc.Delaware
American Health Network of Indiana Care Organization, LLCIndiana
American Health Network of Indiana II, LLCIndianaHealthCare Network
American Health Network of Indiana, LLCIndianaEXPRESS CARE
American Health Network of Kentucky, LLCKentucky
American Health Network of Ohio Care Organization, LLCOhio
American Health Network of Ohio II, LLCOhio
American Health Network of Ohio, LLCOhio
American Homecare Federation, Inc.ConnecticutDiplomat Specialty Infusion Group
American Physicians, Inc.Arizona
AmeriChoice CorporationDelaware
AmeriChoice of New Jersey, Inc.New Jersey
Amico Saúde Ltda.Brazil
Amil Assistência Médica Internacional S.A.Brazil
AMIL International S.á.r.l.Luxembourg
Análisis Clínicos ML S.A.C.Peru
Angiografia e Hemodinâmica Madre Theodora Ltda.Brazil
Anne Arundel-SCA Holdings, LLCMaryland
Anne Arundel-SCA Surgicenter, LLCMaryland
Antelope Valley Surgery Center, L.P.California
Apothecary Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Apothecary Shop of Phoenix, Inc.Arizona
AppleCare Medical Management, LLCDelawareOptum
APS – Assistência Personalizada à Saúde Ltda.Brazil
Aquitania Chilean Holding SpAChile
Arcadia Outpatient Surgery Center, L.P.California
Arise Physician GroupTexas
Arizona Physicians IPA, Inc.ArizonaUnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Arlington Surgery Center, LLCTexas
Arrowlytics Investors, LLCNorth Carolina
Arrowlytics LLCNorth Carolina
ASC Holdings of New Jersey, LLCNew Jersey
ASC Network, LLCDelaware
ASC Operators, LLCCalifornia
ASC Operators-East Bay, LLCCalifornia
ASC Operators-San Francisco, LLCCalifornia
ASC Operators-San Luis Obispo, LLCCalifornia
ASC Operators-Santa Rosa, LLCCalifornia
ASC Operators-South Bay, LLCCalifornia
Aspectus, Inc.Massachusetts
Associação Lusíadas Knowledge Center – Health Education and ResearchPortugal
AssuranceRx, LLCAlabama

Athens ASC Holdings, LLCGeorgia
At-Home IV Infusion Professional, Inc.MarylandDiplomat Specialty Infusion Group
Auburn Surgical Center, L.P.California
Audax Health Solutions, LLCDelaware
Austin Center For Outpatient Surgery, L.P.GeorgiaNorthwest Hills Surgical Hospital
Avella of Columbus, Inc.Arizona
Avella of Denver, Inc.Arizona
Avella of Gilbert, Inc.Arizona
Avella of Orlando, Inc.Arizona
Avella of Scottsdale, Inc.Arizona
Avella of St. Louis, Inc.Arizona
Avella of Tucson, Inc.Arizona
Avery Parent Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Aveta Inc.Delaware
AxelaCare Intermediate Holdings, LLCDelaware
AxelaCare, LLCDelaware
B.R.A.S.S. Partnership in CommendamLouisiana
Ball Outpatient Surgery Center, LLCIndiana
Banmédica Colombia S.A.S.Colombia
Banmédica Internacional SpAChile
Banmédica S.A.Chile
Barranca Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
Beach Surgical Holdings II, LLCCalifornia
Beach Surgical Holdings III, LLCCalifornia
Beach Surgical Holdings LLCCalifornia
Bedford Physicians Risk Retention Group, Inc.Vermont
Behavioral Healthcare Options, Inc.Nevada
Beltway Surgery Centers, L.L.C.Indiana
Benefit Administration for the Self Employed, L.L.C.Iowa
Benefitter Insurance Solutions, Inc.Delaware
Bergan Mercy Surgery Center, LLCNebraska
Bergen-Passaic Cataract Laser and Surgery Center, LLCDelawareBergen-Passaic Eye Surgery Center
BioRx, LLCDelawareDiplomat Specialty Infusion Group
Birmingham Outpatient Surgery Center, Ltd.Alabama
Birmingham Outpatient Surgical Center, LLCDelaware
Bloomfield ASC, LLCConnecticut
Blue Ridge Day Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
Blue Ridge GP, LLCNorth Carolina
Blue Ridge Properties, LLCDelaware
Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery & Laser Center, LTD.Florida
Bordeaux (Barbados) Holdings I, SRLBarbados
Bordeaux (Barbados) Holdings II, SRLBarbados
Bordeaux (Barbados) Holdings III, S.r.l.Barbados
Bordeaux Holding SpAChile
Bordeaux International Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Bordeaux UK Holdings I LimitedUnited Kingdom

Bordeaux UK Holdings II LimitedUnited Kingdom
Bordeaux UK Holdings III LimitedUnited Kingdom
BOSC Holdings, LLCIndiana
Bosque Medical Center Ltda.Brazil
Brandon Ambulatory Surgery Center, LCFlorida
BriovaRx Infusion Services 102, LLCDelaware
BriovaRx of Florida, Inc.DelawareBriovaRx of Florida
BriovaRx of Georgia, LLCAlabama
BriovaRx of Louisiana, L.L.C.Louisiana
BriovaRx of Maine, Inc.MaineBriovaRx
BriovaRx of Massachusetts, LLCMassachusetts
BSC Holdings, LLCIndiana
Cabin Enterprises, LLCDelaware
Cabin Holdings, LLCDelaware
California Medical Group Insurance Company, Risk Retention GroupArizona
Camp Hill Ambulatory CentersPennsylvania
Camp Hill-SCA Centers, LLCDelaware
Capital City Medical Group, L.L.C.Louisiana
Cardinal Holding Company, LLCDelaware
Care Improvement Plus Group Management, LLCMaryland
Care Improvement Plus of Texas Insurance CompanyTexasCare Improvement Plan
Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance CompanyArkansas
Care Improvement Plus Wisconsin Insurance CompanyWisconsin
Care Logistics, LLCDelawareAdvanced Care Logistics LLC
CareMount Dental Member, LLCDelaware
CareMount Health Solutions Employer, LLCDelaware
CareMount Health Solutions, LLCDelaware
CareMount Holding, LLCNew York
CareMount Value Partners IPA, LLCNew York
Casa de Saúde Santa Therezinha Ltda.Brazil
Castle Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCHawaiiWindward Surgery Center
Castle Rock SurgiCenter, LLCColorado
Catamaran Finance (Ireland) Unlimited CompanyDublin
Catamaran S.á.r.l.Luxembourg
CCEC Anesthesia Management, LLCTexas
CDC Holdings Colombia S.A.S.Colombia
Cedar Park JV Partners, LLCTexas
Cedar Park Surgery Center, LLCTexas
Cemed Care – Empresa de Atendimento Clínico Geral Ltda.Brazil
Center for Restorative Surgery at Maple Grove, LLCMinnesota
Center for Surgery of North Coast L.P.California
Central de Compras SpAChile
Central Indiana Care Organization, LLCIndiana
Central Ohio Care Organization, LLCOhio
CentrifyHealth, LLCDelaware

CentriHealth CorporationOntario
CentriHealth UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Centro de Entrenamiento Capacitación en Reanimación y Prevención LimitadaChile
Centro de Servicios Compartidos Banmédica SpAChile
Centro Médico Hospitalar Pitangueiras Ltda.Brazil
Centro Odontológico Americano S.A.C.Peru
Centromed Quilpué S.A.Chile
Centros Médicos y Dentales Multimed Ltda.Chile
Centura-SCA Holdings, LLCColorado
Centurion Casualty CompanyNebraska
Channel Islands Surgicenter Properties, LLCDelaware
Channel Islands Surgicenter, L.P.California
Charleston Surgery Center Limited PartnershipSouth Carolina
Charleston Surgery Properties, LLCDelaware
Charlotte Surgery Center, LLCNorth Carolina
Charlotte Surgery Properties, LTD.North Carolina
Charlotte-SC, LLCDelaware
Chatham Orthopaedic ASC, LLCGeorgiaChatham Orthopaedic Surgery Center
Childrens Surgery Center LLCFlorida
ChinaGate (Hong Kong) LimitedHong KongOptumInsight
Citrus Regional Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
Cleburne Surgical Center, LLCTexasTexas Health Surgery Center Cleburne
Clínica Alameda SpAChile
Clínica Bío Bío S.A.Chile
Clínica Ciudad del Mar S.A.Chile
Clínica Dávila y Servicios Médicos S.p.A.Chile
Clínica del Country S.A.Colombia
Clínica Iquique S.A.Chile
Clínica Médico Cirúrgica de Santa Tecla, S.A.Portugal
Clínica Portoazul S.A.Colombia
Clínica San Borja S.A.Peru
Clínica San Felipe S.A.Peru
Clínica Sánchez Ferrer S.A.Peru
Clínica Santa María S.p.A.Chile
Clínica Vespucio S.A.Chile
Clinical Partners of Colorado Springs, LLCColorado
Clinton Partners, LLCMichiganPremier Surgical Center of Michigan
CLISA – Clínica de Santo António, S.A.Portugal
CMO – Centro Médico de Oftalmologia S/S Ltda.Brazil
CMS – Central de Manipulação e Serviços Farmacêuticos S.A.Brazil
Coachella Valley Physicians of PrimeCare, Inc.California
Coalition for Advanced Pharmacy Services, Inc.Delaware
Coastal Physicians Management, Inc.California
Cogent Healthcare IPA of New York, Inc.New York
Cogent Healthcare Management of New York, Inc.New York
Cogent Healthcare of Decatur, LLCAlabama
Cogent Healthcare of Illinois, LLCIllinois

Cogent Healthcare of Jackson, MS, LLCMississippi
Cogent Healthcare of Jacksonville, LLCFlorida
Cogent Healthcare of Kentucky, P.S.C.Kentucky
Cogent Healthcare of Mississippi, Inc.Mississippi
Cogent Healthcare of Missouri, Inc.Missouri
Cogent Healthcare of Pennsylvania, Inc.Pennsylvania
Cogent Healthcare of Pensacola, LLCFlorida
Cogent Healthcare of Virginia, Inc.Virginia
Cogent Healthcare of Wisconsin, S.C.Wisconsin
Cogent Healthcare, Inc.Delaware
Cogent Patient Safety Organization, Inc.Virginia
COI – Clínicas Oncológicas Integradas S.A.Brazil
Collaborative Care Holdings, LLCDelaware
Collaborative Care Services, Inc.Delaware
Collaborative Realty, LLCNew York
Colmedica Medicina Prepagada S.A.Colombia
Colonial Outpatient Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Colorado Innovative Physician Solutions, Inc.Colorado
Colorado Springs Surgery Center, Ltd.Colorado
Comfort Care Transportation, LLCTexas
Comfort Infusion, Inc.AlabamaDiplomat Specialty Infusion Group
Comprehensive Hospital Physicians of Florida, Inc.Florida
Connecticut Surgery Center, Limited PartnershipConnecticut
Connecticut Surgery Properties, LLCDelaware
Connecticut Surgical Center, LLCDelaware
ConnectYourCare, Inc.Delaware
ConnectYourCare, LLCMaryland
Constructora Inmobiliaria Magapoq S.A.Chile
Consumer Wellness Solutions, Inc.Delaware
Convenio Regenero S.A.Chile
Cornell Surgicenter, LLCOregon
Cornerstone Surgicare, LLCFlorida
Corpus Christi Endoscopy Center, L.L.P.Texas
Country Scan Ltda.Colombia
Critical Care Physicians of Illinois, LLCIllinois
Curaspan Health Group, Inc.Delaware
Cypress Care, Inc.DelawareOptum Workers Compensation Services of Georgia
Damon Dialysis, LLCDelawareAvon Dialysis
Danbury Surgical Center, L.P.Georgia
Day-Op Surgery Consulting Company, LLCDelaware
DBP Services of New York IPA, Inc.New York
Dental Benefit Providers of California, Inc.CaliforniaOptumHealth Dental of California
Dental Benefit Providers of Illinois, Inc.Illinois
Dental Benefit Providers, Inc.DelawareDBP Services
DBP Services Inc.
Denton Endoscopy Surgery Center, LLCTexas
Denton Surgery Center, LLCTexasTexas Health Surgery Center Denton

Derry Surgical Center, LLCNew Hampshire
Diagnóstico Ecotomográfico Centromed Ltda.Chile
Diasnóstico por Imágenes Centromed Ltda.Chile
Digestive Disease Center, L.P.California
Dilab Medicina Nuclear Ltda.Brazil
Diplomat Blocker, Inc.Delaware
Diplomat Corporate Properties, LLCMichigan
Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc.MichiganDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy Great Lakes Distribution Center, LLCMichiganDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy of Boothwyn, LLCPennsylvaniaDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy of Chicago, LLCMichiganDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy of Ft. Lauderdale, LLCMichiganDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy of Los Angeles County, LLCCaliforniaDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy of Philadelphia, LLCPennsylvania
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy of Phoenix, LLCMichiganDiplomat Specialty Pharmacy
Distance Learning Network, Inc.Delawarei3CME
OptumHealth Education
Divisadero Holdings, LLCCalifornia
Doctor + S.A.C.Peru
Dry Creek Surgery Center, LLCColorado
DSP Flint Real Estate, LLCMichigan
DSP-Building C, LLCMichigan
DTC Surgery Center, LLCColorado
Dublin Surgery Center, LLCOhio
Duluth Surgical Suites, LLCMinnesota
Duncan Printing Services LLCSouth Carolina
Durable Medical Equipment, Inc.Massachusetts
DWIC of Tampa Bay, Inc.FloridaDoctor's Walk-In Clinics
MedExpress Urgent Care - Cape Coral, SW Pine Island Rd
MedExpress Urgent Care - Carrollwood
MedExpress Urgent Care - Clearwater
MedExpress Urgent Care - Clewiston, W Sugarland Hwy
MedExpress Urgent Care - Deland, N Woodland Blvd
MedExpress Urgent Care - Fort Meyers, S Cleveland Ave
MedExpress Urgent Care - Golden Gate, Collier Blvd.
MedExpress Urgent Care - Hudson, State Road 52
MedExpress Urgent Care - Jacksonville, Atlantic Blvd.
MedExpress Urgent Care - Jacksonville, Merrill Rd
MedExpress Urgent Care - Lakeland, N Road 98
MedExpress Urgent Care - Largo
MedExpress Urgent Care - Lehigh Acres, Homestead Rd N
MedExpress Urgent Care - Lutz
MedExpress Urgent Care - Mylan - Fountainbleau Aviation
MedExpress Urgent Care - Mylan - Rectrix Aerodrome Centers
MedExpress Urgent Care - New Tampa
MedExpress Urgent Care - North Port, Tuscola Blvd
MedExpress Urgent Care - Northside
MedExpress Urgent Care - Palm Beach Gardens
MedExpress Urgent Care - Port Charlotte, Tamiami Trl
MedExpress Urgent Care - Vero Beach, US Highway 1
MedExpress Urgent Care - West Tampa
MedExpress Urgent Care-Brandon
E Street Endoscopy, LLCFloridaWest Coast Endoscopy Center
Ear Professionals International CorporationDelawareEPIC Hearing Healthcare
UnitedHealthcare Hearing
East Bay Endoscopy Center, L.P.Delaware
East Brunswick Surgery Center, LLCNew Jersey
Echo Locum Tenens, Inc.Delaware
eCode Solutions, LLCDelaware
Electronic Network Systems, Inc.Delaware
Elual Participações S.A.Brazil
EM Orange Tree LLCCalifornia
Emerald Coast Surgery Center, L.P.Florida
Emmaus Holdings, LLCNew Jersey
Emmaus Surgical Center, LLCNew Jersey
Empire Physician Management Company, LLCCalifornia
Employers’ Health Choice PPO, Inc.Arkansas
Empremédica S. A.Peru
Endoscopy Center Affiliates, Inc.Delaware
Enterprise Life Insurance CompanyTexas
EP Campus I, LLCDelaware

EPIC Health PlanCalifornia
EPIC Management Services, LLCDelaware
Equian Parent Corp.Delaware
Equian, LLCIndianaCasualty Recovery Solutions
Esho – Empresa de Serviços Hospitalares S.A.Brazil
Etho – Empresa de Tecnologia Hospitalar Ltda.Brazil
Everett MSO, Inc.WashingtonThe Everett Clinic
Excelsior Insurance Brokerage, Inc.Delaware
Executive Health Resources, Inc.Pennsylvania
Executive Surgery Center, L.L.C.Texas
Eye Clinic Oftalmologia Clínico Cirúrgica e Diagnóstico Ltda.Brazil
Family Health Care ServicesNevadaSouthwest Medical Associates Home Health
Family Home Hospice, Inc.NevadaOptumCare Palliative Care
Southwest Medical Associates Hospice and Palliative Care
Fideicomiso Clínica Barranquilla Portoazul FA-517Colombia
First Coast Orthopedic Center, LLCFloridaFirst Coast Surgery Center
First Family Insurance, LLCDelaware
Florence Surgery Center, L.P.TennesseeShoals Outpatient Surgery
Flowood Surgery Center, LLCMississippi
FMG Holdings, LLCDelaware
Focus Rx Inc.New YorkFocus Rx
Focus Rx Pharmacy Services Inc.New YorkDiplomat Specialty Infusion Group
For Health of Arizona, Inc.ArizonaGeriatrix of Arizona
INSPIRIS of Arizona
For Health, Inc.Delaware
Fort Sutter Medical Building, a California Limited PartnershipCalifornia
Fort Sutter Surgery Center, a California Limited PartnershipCalifornia
Fort Worth Endoscopy Centers, LLCTexas
Fortified Provider Network, Inc.Arizona
Fortify Technologies Asia, LLCPhillipines
Fortify Technologies, LLCMinnesota
Foundation Financial Services, Inc.Nevada
Foundation Surgery Affiliate General of Huntingdon Valley, LLCOklahoma
Foundation Surgery Affiliate of Huntingdon Valley, L.P.OklahomaHuntingdon Valley Surgery Center
Franklin Surgical Center LLCNew Jersey
Freedom Life Insurance Company of AmericaTexas
Freeway Surgicenter of Houston, LLCTexas
Frontier Medex Tanzania LimitedTanzania
FrontierMEDEX (RMS), Inc.Delaware
FrontierMEDEX Government Services, LLCDelaware
FrontierMEDEX Kenya LimitedNairobi
FrontierMEDEX US, Inc.Delaware
FrontierMEDEX, Inc.MinnesotaUnitedHealthcare Global
Fundación BanmédicaChile
Gadsden Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
Gainesville Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
Gainesville Surgery Properties, LLCDelaware
Genoa Healthcare LLCPennsylvaniaAlaska Business License

Genoa Healthcare, Inc.Delaware
Genoa of Arkansas, LLCArkansas
Genoa Technology (Canada) Inc.British Columbia
Genoa Technology, Inc.Delaware
Genoa Telepsychiatry, Inc.Delaware1DocWay, Inc.
Genoa, QoL Wholesale, LLCDelaware Agency Inc.IndianaUnitedOne Insurance Agency
Gladiolus Surgery Center, L.L.C.Florida
Glenwood Surgical Center, L.P.California
Glenwood-SC, Inc.Tennessee
Golden Gate Endoscopy Center, LLCCalifornia
Golden Outlook, Inc.CaliforniaGolden Outlook
Golden Outlook Insurance Services
Golden Rule Financial CorporationDelaware
Golden Rule Insurance CompanyIndiana
Golden Triangle Surgicenter, L.P.California
Grandview Surgery Center, LTD.Pennsylvania
Grants Pass Surgery Center, LLCOregon
Grapevine Finance LLCDelaware
Greater New Haven ASC, LLCConnecticutNortheast Alliance Surgery Center
Greensboro Specialty Surgery Center, LLCNorth Carolina
Greenville Surgery Center, LLCTexasTexas Health Surgery Center Dallas
Greenway Surgical Suites, LLCMinnesota
Grossmont Surgery Center, L.P.California
Grove Place Surgery Center, L.L.C.Florida
H&W Indemnity (SPC), Ltd.Grand Cayman
H.I. Investments Holding Company, LLCDelaware
Harken Health Insurance CompanyWisconsin
Hawthorn Place Outpatient Surgery Center, L.P.GeorgiaHawthorn Surgery Center
Hays JV Partners, LLCTexas
Hays Surgery Center, LLCTexas
HCentive Technology India Private LimitedIndia
hCentive, Inc.Delaware
HCP ACO California, LLCCaliforniaHCP ACO California, LLC
HealthCare Partners ACO
Optum California ACO
Health Care-ONE Insurance Agency, Inc.California
Health Inventures Employment Solutions, LLCDelaware
Health Inventures, LLCDelaware
Health Plan of Nevada, Inc.NevadaHealth Plan of Nevada HPN
HealthCare Partners Management Services California, LLCDelawareHealthCare Partners Services, LLC
HealthCare Partners RE, LLCDelawareHealthCare Partners RE, LLC
Healthcare Solutions, Inc.DelawareOptum Healthcare Solutions of Georgia
HealthEast Surgery Center-Maplewood, LLCMinnesota
HealthFirst IPA, Inc.Colorado
HealthMarkets Group, Inc.Delaware
HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, Inc.Delaware
HealthMarkets Services, Inc.Delaware

HealthMarkets, Inc.Delaware
HealthMarkets, LLCDelaware
Healthplex America, LLCFlorida
Healthplex Dental Services, Inc.Florida
Healthplex I.P.A., Inc.New York
Healthplex Insurance CompanyNew York
Healthplex of CT, Inc.Connecticut
Healthplex of DC, Inc.District of Columbia
Healthplex of GA, Inc.Georgia
Healthplex of MD, Inc.Maryland
Healthplex of ME, Inc.Maine
Healthplex of NC, Inc.North Carolina
Healthplex of NJ, Inc.New Jersey
Healthplex of TX, Inc.Texas
Healthplex, Inc.New YorkHealthplex Management Services, Inc.
HealthScope Benefits, Inc.DelawareHealth Benefits of Arkansas, Inc.
HealthSCOPE Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Heartland Heart and Vascular, LLCDelaware
Help S.A.Chile
Help Service S.A.Chile
Hemonefro – Hemodiálise e Nefrologia LtdaBrazil
HFHS-SCA Holdings, LLCMichigan
Highlands Ranch Healthcare, LLCColorado
HMG Holding CorporationDelaware
HMG Holdings, LLCDelaware
Home Medical S.A.Chile
Hospice Inspiris Holdings, Inc.Tennessee
Hospitais Associados de Pernambuco Ltda.Brazil
Hospital Alvorada de Taguatinga Ltda.Brazil
Hospital Ana Costa S.A.Brazil
Hospital de Clínicas de Jacarepaguá Ltda.Brazil
Hospital Santa Helena S.A.Brazil
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of California, Inc.California
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Connecticut, LLCConnecticut
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Cuyahoga County, Ltd.Ohio
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Fredericksburg, LLCVirginia
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Front Royal, LLCVirginia
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Imperial County, Inc.California
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Indiana, LLCIndiana
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Iowa, PLLCIowa
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Kanawha County, PLLCWest Virginia
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Kentucky, PLLCKentucky
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Los Angeles County, Inc.California
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Louisiana, LLCLouisiana
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Marathon County, Ltd.Wisconsin
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Mississippi, LLCMississippi
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Monterey County, Inc.California

Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Multiple Practice Sites, LLCDelaware
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Muskingum County, Ltd.Ohio
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Rapides Parish, L.L.C.Louisiana
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Richland County, Ltd.Ohio
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of San Bernardino County, Inc.California
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of San Luis Obispo County, Inc.California
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Sylvania, Ltd.Ohio
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Virginia, LLCVirginia
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Washington County, LLCPennsylvania
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Wisconsin Rapids, Ltd.Wisconsin
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Wisconsin, Ltd.Wisconsin
Hospitalists Management Group, LLCDelaware
Humedica, Inc.Delaware
Hygeia CorporationDelaware
Hygeia Corporation (Ontario)Ontario
IEC Holdings, LLCIndiana
IHD Holdings, LLCDelaware
Illinois Independent Care Network, LLCDelaware
Imed Star – Serviços de Desempenho Organizacional Ltda.Brazil
Impel Consulting Experts, L.L.C.Texas
Impel Management Services, L.L.C.Texas
Indiana Care Organization, LLCIndiana
Indiana Endoscopy Centers, LLCIndiana
Inland Surgery Center, L.P.California
Inmobiliaria Apoquindo 3001 S.A.Chile
Inmobiliaria Apoquindo 3600 Ltda.Chile
Inmobiliaria Apoquindo S.A.Chile
Inmobiliaria Clínica Santa María S.A.Chile
Inmobiliaria e Inversiones Alameda S.A.Chile
Inmobiliaria Viñamed Ltda.Chile
INOV8 Surgical at Memorial City, LLCTexas
Inpatient Specialists of Southwest Florida, LLCFlorida
inPharmative, Inc.Nevada
INSPIRIS of New York Management, Inc.New York
INSPIRIS of Texas Physician GroupTexasOptum Clinic
Optum Clinic + Medical Spa
Optum Clinic + Urgent Care
Inspiris, Inc.Delaware
Instituto do Radium de Cammpinas LtdaBrazil
International Healthcare Services, Inc.New Jersey
InTouch Pharmacy LLCGeorgia
Inversiones Clínicas Santa María S.A.Chile
Ironman Holdco, Inc.Delaware
Ironman Intermediate Holdco, LLCDelaware
Isapre Banmédica S.p.A.Chile
Isapre Vida Tres S.A.Chile
Johnston Surgicare, L.P.Rhode Island
Joliet Surgery Center Limited PartnershipIllinois

Jordan Ridge Family Medicine, LLCDelawareOptum Primary Care - Jordan Ridge
Joyable, Inc.Delaware
JPM Healthcare LLCDelaware
Knox Diagnostic Imaging Center, LLCOhio
Laboratorio ROE S.A.Peru
Laboratorios Médicos Amed Quilpué S.A.Chile
LDI Holding Company, LLCDelaware
LDI Management Services, LLCDelaware
LDI Nautic VII Blocker, LLCDelaware
LDI Nautic VIII-A Blocker, LLCDelaware
Leehar Distributors, LLCDelawareCastiaRx
CastiaRx Administrators, LLC
CastiaRx of Missouri
CastiaRx Pharmacy
CastiaRx Specialty Pharmacy
Leehar Distributors Missouri, LLC
Lexington Surgery Center, Ltd.Kentucky
LGH-A/Golf ASTC, L.L.C.Illinois
Liberty Anesthesia Services, LLCIllinois
Lifeprint Accountable Care Organization, LLCDelawareOptum Accountable Care, Arizona
Lifeprint East, Inc.DelawareOptum Care Network of Ohio
OptumCare Network of Connecticut
LifePrint Health, Inc.DelawareOptum Community Center Layton
Optum Utah
OptumCare Community Center Sandy
OptumCare Community Center West Valley
OptumCare Medical Network
Optumcare Network of Indiana
LifeStyles Marketing Group, Inc.Delaware
LifeWell. Ltd. Co.Georgia
Limestone Medical Center, LLCDelaware
Litomédica S.A.Colombia
Logistics Health, Inc.Wisconsin
Lotten-Eyes Oftalmologia Clinica e Cirurgica Ltda.Brazil
Louisville S.C., Ltd.Kentucky
Louisville-SC Properties, Inc.Kentucky
Loyola Ambulatory Surgery Center at Oakbrook, Inc.Illinois
Loyola Ambulatory Surgery Center at Oakbrook, L.P.Illinois
Lusíadas - Parcerias Cascais, S.A.Portugal
Lusíadas A.C.E.Portugal
Lusíadas, S.A.Portugal
Lusíadas, SGPS, S.A.Portugal
Lutheran Campus ASC, LLCColorado
MAMSI Life and Health Insurance CompanyMaryland
Managed Care of North America, Inc.Florida
Managed Physical Network, Inc.New York
March Holdings, Inc.California
March Vision Care IPA, Inc.New York
March Vision Care of Texas, Inc.Texas
March Vision Care, Inc.California
Marin Health Ventures, LLCCalifornia
Marin Specialty Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Marin Surgery Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Marlin Holding Company LLCDelaware
Maryland Ambulatory Centers, LLCMaryland
Maryland-SCA Centers, LLCDelaware
Massachusetts Assurance Company, Ltd. PICGrand Cayman

Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center, LLCMaryland
McKenzie Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
MCNA Health Care Holdings, LLCFlorida
MCNA Insurance CompanyTexas
MCNA Systems Corp.Florida
MD Ops, Inc.CaliforniaCHIEF
Community Health Information Exchange Foundation
MD-Individual Practice Association, Inc.Maryland
Medalliance Net Ltda.Brazil
MEDEX Insurance Services, Inc.Maryland
MedExpress Development, LLCFlorida
MedExpress Urgent Care Alabama, LLCAlabama
MedExpress Urgent Care Maine, Inc.Maine
MedExpress Urgent Care New Hampshire, Inc.New Hampshire
MedExpress Urgent Care of Boynton Beach, LLCFloridaMedExpress Urgent Care - Boca Raton
MedExpress Urgent Care - Coral Springs
MedExpress Urgent Care - Palm Beach Gardens
MedExpress Urgent Care - Royal Palm Beach
MedExpress Urgent Care, Inc. - OhioOhio
Medica Health Plans of Florida, Inc.Florida
Medica HealthCare Plans, Inc.Florida
Medical Hilfe S.A.Chile
Medical Support Los Angeles, Inc.California
Medical Surgical Centers of America, Inc.Delaware
Medical Transportation Services, LLCFloridaMTS
MedPro Rx, Inc.North CarolinaDiplomat Specialty Infusion Group
MedSynergies, LLCDelaware
Melbourne Surgery Center, LLCGeorgia
Memorial City Holdings, LLCDelaware
Memorial City Partners, LLCDelaware
Memorial Houston Surgery Center, LLCTexas
MemorialCare Surgical Center at Orange Coast, LLCCalifornia
MemorialCare Surgical Center at Saddleback, LLCCalifornia
Mesquite Liberty, LLCNevada
MGH/SCA, LLCCalifornia
MHC Real Estate Holdings, LLCCalifornia
Miami Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
Midlands Orthopaedics Surgery Center, LLCSouth Carolina
Midwest Center for Day Surgery, LLCIllinois
Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of TennesseeTexas
Mile High SurgiCenter, LLCColorado
Mississippi Medical Plaza, L.C.Nebraska
Modality Accountable Care Organisation LimitedEngland
Modern Medical, Inc.OhioMMI of Ohio, Inc.
Modern Medical of Ohio, Inc.
Optum Workers Compensation Medical Services
Optum Workers Compensation Services
Optum WorkersCompensation Medical Services
Mohawk Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Monarch Management Services, Inc.DelawareOptum
Montgomery Surgery Center Limited PartnershipMaryland
Monument Health, LLCColorado
Moore Orthopaedic Clinic Outpatient Surgery Center, LLCSouth Carolina

Morris County Surgical Center, LLCNew Jersey
Mosaic Management Services, Inc.CaliforniaMosaic Management Services, Inc.
Mountain View Medical Group, LLCColoradoMountain View Medical Group, LLC
Mountain View Medical Group, Part of DaVita Medical Group
Mountain View Medical Group, Part of Optum
MSLA Management LLCDelaware
Mt. Pleasant Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
Multiangio Ltda.Brazil
Muskogee Surgical Investors, LLCOklahoma
Mustang Razorback Holdings, Inc.Delaware
My Wellness Solutions, LLCDelaware
NAMM Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Naperville Surgical Centre, LLCIllinois
National Foundation Life Insurance CompanyTexas
National Pacific Dental, Inc.Texas
National Surgery Centers, LLCDelaware
Navigator Health, Inc.Delaware
naviHealth Care at Home, LLCDelaware
naviHealth Coordinated Care, LLCDelaware
naviHealth Holdings, LLCDelaware
naviHealth SM Holdings, Inc.Delaware
naviHealth, Inc.Delaware
Nebraska Spine Hospital, LLCIowa
Neighborhood Health Partnership, Inc.Florida
Netwerkes, LLCTennessee
Nevada Pacific DentalNevada
New Orleans Regional Physician Hospital Organization, L.L.C.LouisianaPeoples Health
Peoples Health Network
New West Physicians, Inc.ColoradoElk Ridge Family Medicine
New West Physicians
Physician Alliance of the Rockies
New York Proton Management, LLCNew York
Newton Holdings, LLCDelaware
Nomad Buyer, Inc.Delaware
North American Medical Management California, Inc.Tennessee
North Coast Surgery Center, Ltd., a California Limited PartnershipCalifornia
North Dallas Surgical Center, LLCDelaware
North Puget Sound Oncology Equipment Leasing Company, LLCWashington
Northern Nevada Health Network, Inc.Nevada
Northern Rockies Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
Northern Rockies Surgicenter, Inc.Montana
Northern Utah Surgery Center, LLCUtah
Northwest Hills JV Partners, LLCTexas
Northwest Medical Group Alliance, LLCWashington
Northwest Spine and Laser Surgery Center LLCOregonNW Spine and Laser Surgery Center
Northwest Surgicare, LLCDelaware
Northwest Surgicare, Ltd., an Illinois Limited PartnershipIllinois
NSC Channel Islands, LLCCalifornia
NSC Greensboro West, LLCDelaware
NSC Greensboro, LLCDelaware
NSC Lancaster, LLCDelaware

NSC Seattle, Inc.Washington
NSC Upland, LLCDelaware
Oak HC/FT LDI Blocker, LLCDelaware
OC Cardiology Practice Partners, LLCDelaware
OCC MSO, LLCDelaware
Omesa SpAChile
OmniClaim, LLCDelaware
Oncocare S.A.C.Peru
One World SurgeryIllinois
Ophthalmology Surgery Center of Dallas, LLCTexas
Optimum Choice, Inc.MarylandUnitedHealthcare
Optum Bank, Inc.UtahExante Bank, Inc.
OptumHealth Bank, Inc.
Optum Biometrics, Inc.Illinois
Optum Care Services CompanyTennessee
Optum Care, Inc.DelawareMedExpress Payroll Arkansas
Optum Clinics Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Optum Clinics Intermediate Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Optum Compounding Services, LLCArizona
Optum Digital Health Holdings, LLCDelaware
Optum Direct To Consumer, Inc.Delaware
Optum Finance (Ireland) Unlimited CompanyDublin
Optum Frontier Therapies Holdings, LLCDelaware
Optum Frontier Therapies II, LLCNevadaBriovaRX
Optum Frontier Therapies, LLCMichigan8th Day Software
WRB Communications
Optum Global Solutions (India) Private LimitedIndia
Optum Global Solutions (Philippines), Inc.Phillipines
Optum Global Solutions Colombia S.A.S.Colombia
Optum Global Solutions International B.V.Netherlands
Optum Government Solutions, Inc.Delaware
Optum Health & Technology (Hong Kong) LimitedHong Kong
Optum Health & Technology (India) Private LimitedIndia
Optum Health & Technology (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Optum Health & Technology (US), LLCMissouri
Optum Health & Technology Holdings (US), Inc.Missouri
Optum Health & Technology Serviços do Brasil Ltda.Brazil
Optum Health and Technology FZ-LLCDubai
Optum Health Plan of CaliforniaDelawareDaVita Healthcare Partners Plan, Inc.
Optum Health Services (Canada) Ltd.British ColumbiaInterlock Employee and Family Assistance
Optum International
Optum Health Solutions (Australia) Pty LtdVictoria
Optum Health Solutions (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Optum Healthcare of Illinois, Inc.Georgia
Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services, LLCDelawareHospiScript Services
Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services
Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services Administrator
Optum Infusion Services 100, Inc.New YorkAdvanced Care of New Jersey Inc.
Optum Infusion Services 101, Inc.New York
Optum Infusion Services 103, LLCDelaware
Optum Infusion Services 200, Inc.South Carolina

Optum Infusion Services 201, Inc.Florida
Optum Infusion Services 202, Inc.Florida
Optum Infusion Services 203, Inc.Florida
Optum Infusion Services 204, Inc.Florida
Optum Infusion Services 205, Inc.Florida
Optum Infusion Services 206, Inc.Alabama
Optum Infusion Services 207, Inc.Alabama
Optum Infusion Services 208, Inc.North Carolina
Optum Infusion Services 209, Inc.GeorgiaAxelaCare
Optum Infusion Services 301, LPOklahomaAxelaCare
Optum Infusion Services 302, LLCNebraska
Optum Infusion Services 305, LLCDelaware
Optum Infusion Services 308, LLCArizonaAxelaCare
Optum Infusion Services 401, LLCCalifornia
Optum Infusion Services 402, LLCCalifornia
Optum Infusion Services 403, LLCCalifornia
Optum Infusion Services 404, LLCOregon
Optum Infusion Services 500, Inc.DelawareAlaska Business License #2120394
Optum Infusion Services 500
Optum Infusion Services 501, Inc.Delaware
Optum Insurance of Ohio, Inc.Ohio
Optum Labs Dimensions, Inc.Delaware
Optum Labs International (UK) Ltd.England
Optum Labs Topaz, Inc.Delaware
Optum Labs, LLCDelawareQuery Lab
UnitedHealth Group Research & Development
Optum Life Sciences (Canada) Inc.Ontario
Optum Magan Management, Inc.California
Optum Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China
Optum Networks of New Jersey, Inc.DelawareOptumCare Network of New Jersey
OrthoNet of the Mid-Atlantic
Optum of New York, Inc.New York
Optum Operations (Ireland) Unlimited CompanyIreland
Optum Oregon MSO, LLCDelaware
Optum Palliative and Hospice Care of Pennsylvania, Inc.TennesseeEvercare Hospice & Palliative Care
Optum Palliative and Hospice Care of Texas, Inc.TennesseeEvercare Hospice & Palliative Care
Optum Perks LLCDelaware
Optum Pharmacy 601, LLCFlorida
Optum Pharmacy 700, LLCDelawareBriovaRx Specialty
Optum Pharmacy 701, LLCDelaware

Optum Pharmacy 702, LLCIndianaBriovaRx
Optum Pharmacy 704, Inc.TexasBriovaRx of Texas
Optum Pharmacy 705, LLCAlabama
Optum Pharmacy 706, Inc.New YorkBriovaRx of New York
Optum Pharmacy 707, Inc.California
Optum Pharmacy 800, Inc.Arizona
Optum Pharmacy 801, Inc.ArizonaAlaska Business License
Avella of Deer Valley, Inc. #038
Avella Specialty Pharmacy
Optum Pharmacy 803, Inc.Arizona
Optum Pharmacy 805, Inc.Arizona
Optum Pharmacy 806, Inc.California
Optum Public Sector Solutions, Inc.DelawareOptumServe Community Care Services
Optum Rocket, Inc.Delaware
Optum Senior Services, LLCAlabamaSeniorScript
Optum Services (Ireland) LimitedDublin
Optum Services (Puerto Rico) LLCPuerto Rico
Optum Services, Inc.Delaware
Optum Solutions do Brasil – Tecnologia e Serviços de Suporte Ltda.Paraná
Optum Solutions UK Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Optum Technology, LLCDelaware
Optum UK Solutions Group LimitedUnited Kingdom
Optum Washington Network, LLCWashington
Optum Women's and Children's Health, LLCDelaware
Optum, Inc.Delaware
Optum360 Services, Inc.Delaware
Optum360 Solutions, LLCDelaware
Optum360, LLCDelaware
OptumCare ACO New Mexico, LLCDelawareNM Care ACO, LLC
OptumCare Clinical Trials, LLCDelawareHCP Clinical Research
HCP Clinical Research, LLC
OptumCare Colorado ASC, LLCColoradoDigestive Disease Endoscoopy
Optum Digestive Disease
Optum Endoscopy
OptumCare Colorado Springs, LLCColoradoColorado Springs Health Partners
Digestive Disease Clinic
Optum Digestive Disease
OptumCare Colorado, LLCColoradoHealthCare Partners Colorado, LLC
OptumCare Endoscopy Center New Mexico, LLCNew Mexico
OptumCare Florida CI, LLCDelaware
OptumCare Florida, LLCDelawareAmeridrug
Apopka Family Medicine
Associated Family Medicine Sabal Palm
DaVita Medical Florida
DaVita Medical Group
DaVita Medical Group - North Westmonte
DaVita Medical Group Florida
DaVita Pharmacy
HCP Care Partners
Healthcare Partners Georgia
JSA Best Group
JSA Healthcare Corporation
JSA Medical Group Bayway
JSA Medical Group Northeast
JSA Medical Group Skyway
Lake Mary Family Medicine
Northside Family Medicine
South Seminole Family Medicine
Tuscawilla Family Medicine
OptumCare Holdings Colorado, LLCColorado
OptumCare Holdings, LLCCaliforniaDaVita Medical California
DaVita Medical Holdings California, LLC
HealthCare Partners Holdings, LLC
OptumCare Management, LLCCaliforniaHealthCare Partners
HealthCare Partners, LLC
OptumCare New Mexico, LLCDelawareABQ Health Partners, LLC
DaVita Medical Group
OptumCare New York IPA, Inc.New York
OptumCare South Florida, LLCFloridaDaVita Medical Group
DaVita Medical Group Florida
HealthCare Partners South Florida, LLC
OptumCare Specialty Practices, LLCDelaware
OptumHealth Care Solutions, LLCDelaware
OptumHealth Financial Services, Inc.Delaware
OptumHealth Holdings, LLCDelaware
OptumHealth International B.V.Netherlands

OptumInsight Holdings, LLCDelaware
OptumInsight India Private LimitedIndia
OptumInsight Life Sciences, Inc.DelawareInnovus
QualityMetric Incorporated
OptumInsight, Inc.DelawareIngenix
Ingenix, Inc.
OptumRx Administrative Services, LLCTexas
OptumRx Discount Card Services, LLCDelawareAlaska Business License
OptumRx Group Holdings, Inc.Delaware
OptumRx Health Solutions, LLCDelaware
OptumRx Holdings I, LLCDelaware
OptumRx Holdings, LLCDelaware
OptumRx Home Delivery of Ohio, LLCOhioOptumRx at Nationwide
OptumRx of Ohio
OptumRx IPA III, Inc.New York
OptumRx NY IPA, Inc.New York
OptumRx of Pennsylvania, LLCDelawareFutureScripts Secure
OptumRx PBM of Illinois, Inc.Delaware
OptumRx PBM of Maryland, LLCNevadaAlaska Business License
OptumRx PBM Administrator of Maryland
OptumRx PBM of Pennsylvania, LLCPennsylvaniaFutureScripts
OptumRx PBM of Wisconsin, LLCWisconsinOptumRx PBM Administrator of Wisconsin
OptumRx PD of Pennsylvania, LLCPennsylvania
OptumRx Pharmacy of Nevada, Inc.NevadaCulinary
Culinary Pharmacy
OptumRx Pharmacy, Inc.Delaware
OptumRx, Inc.CaliforniaAlaska Business License 2084037
Alaska Business License 969517
FirstLine Benefits
FristLine Medical
hi HealthInnovations
OptumRx PBM Administrator of California
OptumRx, Inc.
OptumServe Technology Services, Inc.MarylandOptum
Optum, Inc.
Q.S.S., Inc.
Quality Software Services
Quality Software Services, Inc.
Oregon Healthcare Resources, LLCOregonOregon Medical Group
Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center, LLCOregon
Orlando Center for Outpatient Surgery, L.P.Georgia
OrthoNet Holdings, Inc.Delaware
OrthoNet LLCNew YorkOrthoNet of New York
OrthoNet New York IPA, Inc.New York
OrthoNet of the South, Inc.Delaware
OrthoNet Services, Inc.Delaware
OrthoNet West, Inc.Delaware
Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County, LLCFlorida
Orthopedic Surgery Center of Palm Beach County, LLCFlorida
Orthopro Management, LLCFlorida
OrthoWest MSO, LLCDelaware
Ovations, Inc.Delaware
Owensboro Ambulatory Surgical Facility, Ltd.Kentucky
Oxford Benefit Management, Inc.Connecticut
Oxford Health Insurance, Inc.New York
Oxford Health Plans (CT), Inc.Connecticut
Oxford Health Plans (NJ), Inc.New Jersey
Oxford Health Plans (NY), Inc.New York
Oxford Health Plans LLCDelawareOxford Agency - Oxford Health Plans Inc.
P2P Link, LLCDelaware
Pacific Cardiovascular Associates Medical Group, Inc.California

Pacific Casualty Company, Inc.Hawaii
PacifiCare Life and Health Insurance CompanyIndianaUnitedHealthOne
PacifiCare Life Assurance CompanyColoradoUnitedHealthOne
PacifiCare of Arizona, Inc.ArizonaPacifiCare
Secure Horizons
PacifiCare of Colorado, Inc.ColoradoComprecare, Inc.
Secure Horizons
PacifiCare of Nevada, Inc.NevadaPacifiCare
Pacífico S.A. Entidad Prestadora de Salud EPSPeru
Panama City Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Park Hill Surgery Center, LLCTexasPark Hill Surgery Center, LLC
Parkway Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
Patrimonio Autónomo Nueva ClínicaColombia
Payment Resolution Services, LLCTennesseeAIM HEALTHCARE SERVICES
PCCCV, Inc.California
Peninsula Eye Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Penzo Enterprises, LLCDelaware
Peoples Health, Inc.Louisiana
Perimeter Center for Outpatient Surgery, L.P.Georgia
Pharmaceutical Technologies Independent Practice Association, LLCNew York
Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc.NebraskaCastiaRx
CastiaRx of Nebraska
Integrated HMO Pharmacy
National Pharmaceutical Services
PHC Subsidiary Holdings, LLCTexas
Physician Alliance of the Rockies, LLCColorado
Physician Associates of the Greater San Gabriel Valley, a Medical Group, Inc.California
Physicians Day Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Physicians Health Choice of Texas, LLCTexasPhysicians Health Choice
Physicians Health Plan of Maryland, Inc.Maryland
Physicians' Surgery Center of Downey, LLCCalifornia
Pinnacle III, LLCColorado
Plano de Saúde Ana Costa Ltda.Brazil
Plus One Health Management Puerto Rico, Inc.Puerto Rico
Plus One Holdings, Inc.Delaware
PMI Acquisition, LLCDelaware
PMSI Holdings, LLCDelaware
PMSI Settlement Solutions, LLCFloridaOptum Settlement Solutions
PMSI, LLCFloridaOptum
Optum Workers Compensation Services of Florida
Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center, LimitedPennsylvania
Polar II Fundo de Investimento em Participações MultiestrategiaBrazil
Polo Holdco, LLCDelaware
POMCO Network, Inc.New York
POMCO, Inc.New YorkEM Risk Management
Pomco Group Benefit Administrators
Pomerado Outpatient Surgical Center, Inc.California
Pomerado Outpatient Surgical Center, L.P.California
Post-Acute Care Center for Research, LLCDelaware
PPH Holdings, LLCDelaware
PPH Management Company, L.L.C.Delaware
PPH-Columbia, Inc.Delaware
PPH-Gardendale, Inc.Delaware

Practice Partners in Healthcare, LLCDelaware
Precision Dialing Services, Inc.Delaware
Preferred Care Partners Holding, Corp.Florida
Preferred Care Partners Medical Group, Inc.Florida
Preferred Care Partners, Inc.Florida
Premier Choice ACO, Inc.California
Premier Surgery Center of Louisville, L.P.Tennessee
Premiere Medical Resources, LLCDelaware
Presidio Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Prime Health, Inc.NevadaMed One Works
PrimeCare Medical Network, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Citrus Valley, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Corona, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Hemet Valley, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Inland Valley, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Moreno Valley, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Redlands, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Riverside, Inc.California
PrimeCare of San Bernardino, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Sun City, Inc.California
PrimeCare of Temecula, Inc.California
Procura Management, Inc.DelawareOptum Managed Care Services
Progressive Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Progressive Medical, LLCOhioOtpum Workers Compensation Services of Ohio
PMI Medical Solutions, LLC
PMI Solutions, LLC
Progressive Medical Solutions, LLC
Progressive Medical, LLC of Ohio
ProHEALTH Medical Management, LLCDelaware
ProHealth Physicians, Inc.Connecticut
ProHealth Proton Center Management, LLCDelaware
ProHealth/CareMount Dental Management, LLCNew York
Project Titan, LLCDelaware
Promotora Country S.A.Colombia
Pronounced Health Solutions, Inc.Delaware
Prosemedic S.A.C.Peru
Prospero Management Services, LLCDelaware
Providence & SCA Development, LLCDelaware
Providence & SCA Off-Campus Holdings, LLCDelaware
Providence & SCA On-Campus Holdings, LLCDelaware
Providence & SCA Outreach Markets Holdings, LLCDelaware
PS Center, LLCCalifornia
PSC Bellevue, LLCNebraska
PSC Coventry, LLCNebraska
PSC Properties, LLCNebraska
Pulse Platform, LLCDelaware
QoL Acquisition Holdings Corp.Delaware
R Cubed, Inc.Tennessee
Rally Health, Inc.Delaware
Real Appeal, Inc.Delaware
Recaudación y Cobranzas Honodav Ltda.Chile

Redding Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Redlands Ambulatory Surgery CenterCalifornia
Redlands-SCA Surgery Centers, Inc.California
Reliant MSO, LLCDelaware
ReMedics, LLCDelaware
Research Surgical Center LLCColoradoSurgical Center of the Rockies
Resonancia Magnética Colombia LimitadaColombia
Resonancia Magnética del Country S.A.Colombia
RightCare Solutions, Inc.Delaware
River Valley ASC, LLCConnecticut
Riverside Corporate Wellness, LLCWisconsin
Riverside Electronic Healthcare Resources, Inc.California
Riverside Medical Management, LLCDelaware
Riverside Surgical Center of Meadowlands, LLCNew JerseyRiverside Surgical Center of Rutherford
Riverside Surgical Center of Newark, LLCNew Jersey
ROC Surgery LLCIndiana
Rockville Eye Surgery Center, LLCMarylandPalisades Eye Surgery Center
Rocky Mountain Health Maintenance Organization, IncorporatedColoradoRocky Mountain Health Plans
Rocky Mountain HMO
Rocky Mountain HealthCare Options, Inc.ColoradoHealthCare Options, Inc.
Rocky Mountain HCO
ROCS Holdings, LLCIndiana
Sacramento Surgery Center Associates, L.P.California
Sacred Heart ASC, LLCFloridaSummit Surgery Center
Saden S.A.Chile
Sage Medical, Prof. LLCSouth Dakota
Salem JV Holdings, LLCDelaware
Salem Surgery Center, LLCOregon
Salveo Specialty Pharmacy, Inc.Delaware
San Diego Endoscopy CenterCalifornia
San Diego Sports and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
San Francisco Endoscopy Center LLCCalifornia
San Luis Obispo Surgery Center, a California Limited PartnershipCalifornia
Sand Lake SurgiCenter, LLCFloridaSand Lake Surgery Center
Santa Barbara Endoscopy Center, LLCCalifornia
Santa Cruz Endoscopy Center, LLCCalifornia
Santa Helena Assistência Médica S.A.Brazil
Santa Rosa Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee
Santos Administração e Participações S.A.Brazil
Savvysherpa Asia, Inc.Phillipines
SC Affiliates, LLCDelaware
SCA AHN JV Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Alaska Surgery Center, Inc.Alaska
SCA Athens, LLCDelaware
SCA Austin Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Austin Medical Center Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Bloomfield Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA BOSC Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Cedar Park Holdings, LLCDelaware

SCA Clifton, LLCDelaware
SCA Community Service FoundationAlabama
SCA Cottonwood Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Danbury Surgical Center, LLCDelaware
SCA Denver Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Development, LLCDelaware
SCA Duluth Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA eCode Solutions Private LimitedIndia
SCA ESSC Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Global One Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Greenway Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Grove Creek Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Guilford Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Hays Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Heartland Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA HoldCo, Inc.Delaware
SCA Holding Company, Inc.Delaware
SCA Holdings, Inc.California
SCA IEC Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Indiana Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Lutheran Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Maple Grove Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Mohawk Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Northern Utah Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Northwest Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA of Clarksville, Inc.Tennessee
SCA Outside New Jersey, LLCDelaware
SCA Pacific Holdings, Inc.California
SCA Palisades Holdings, LLCDistrict of Columbia
SCA Pennsylvania Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Pinnacle Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Premier Surgery Center of Louisville, LLCDelaware
SCA Rockledge JV, LLCDelaware
SCA ROCS Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Sage Medical MSO, LLCDelaware
SCA Sage Medical, LLCDelaware
SCA San Diego Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Skyway Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA South Ogden Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Southwestern PA, LLCDelaware
SCA Specialists of Florida, LLCDelaware
SCA Specialty Holdings of Connecticut, LLCDelaware
SCA Spectrum Health Partners, LLCMichigan
SCA Spectrum Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA SSSC Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Stonegate Holdings, LLCDelaware

SCA Surgery Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Surgicare of Laguna Hills, LLCDelaware
SCA Teammate Support NetworkAlabama
SCA West Health Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Westgreen Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA Woodbury Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Albuquerque Surgery Properties, Inc.New Mexico
SCA-Alliance, LLCDelaware
SCA-Anne Arundel, LLCDelaware
SCA-AppleCare Partners, LLCDelaware
SCA-Bethesda, LLCDelaware
SCA-Blue Ridge, LLCDelaware
SCA-Bonita Springs, LLCDelaware
SCA-Brandon, LLCDelaware
SCA-Castle Rock, LLCDelaware
SCA-Central Florida, LLCDelaware
SCA-Charleston, LLCDelaware
SCA-Chatham, LLCDelaware
SCA-Chevy Chase, LLCDelaware
SCA-Citrus, Inc.Tennessee
SCA-Colonial Partners, LLCDelaware
SCA-Colorado Springs, LLCDelaware
SCA-Connecticut Partners, LLCDelaware
SCA-Davenport, LLCDelaware
SCA-Denver Physicians Holdings, LLCColorado
SCA-Denver, LLCDelaware
SCA-Derry, LLCDelaware
SCA-Doral, LLCDelaware
SCA-Downey, LLCDelaware
SCA-Dry Creek, LLCDelaware
SCA-Dublin, LLCDelaware
SCA-Encinitas, Inc.Delaware
SCA-Eugene, Inc.Tennessee
SCA-First Coast, LLCDelaware
SCA-Florence, LLCDelaware
SCA-Fort Collins, Inc.Colorado
SCA-Fort Walton, Inc.Tennessee
SCA-Franklin, LLCDelaware
SCA-Frederick, LLCDelaware
SCA-Freeway Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Ft. Myers, LLCDelaware
SCA-Gainesville, LLCDelaware
SCA-Gladiolus, LLCDelaware
SCA-Glenwood Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Grants Pass, LLCDelaware
SCA-Grove Place, LLCDelaware

SCA-Hagerstown, LLCDelaware
SCA-Hamden, LLCDelaware
SCA-Hilton Head, LLCDelaware
SCA-Honolulu, LLCDelaware
SCA-Houston Executive, LLCDelaware
SCAI Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Illinois, LLCDelaware
SCA-IT Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-JPM Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Kissing Camels Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Main Street, LLCDelaware
SCA-Marina del Rey, LLCCalifornia
SCA-MC VBP, Inc.Delaware
SCA-Mecklenburg Development Corp.North Carolina
SCA-Memorial City, LLCDelaware
SCA-Memorial, LLCDelaware
SCA-Merritt, LLCDelaware
SCA-Midlands, LLCDelaware
SCA-Midway Management, LLCIllinois
SCA-Mobile, LLCDelaware
SCA-Mokena, LLCDelaware
SCA-Morris Avenue, LLCDelaware
SCA-Morris County, LLCDelaware
SCA-Mt. Pleasant, LLCDelaware
SCA-Naperville, LLCDelaware
SCA-Naples, LLCDelaware
SCA-New Jersey, LLCDelaware
SCA-Newport Beach, LLCCalifornia
Scanner Centromed S.A.Chile
SCA-Northeast Georgia Health, LLCTennessee
SCA-Palm Beach MSO Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Palm Beach, LLCDelaware
SCA-Panama City Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-Paoli, LLCDelaware
SCA-Phoenix, LLCDelaware
SCA-Pocono, LLCDelaware
SCA-Portland, LLCDelaware
SCA-Practice Partners Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-River Valley, LLCDelaware
SCA-Riverside Partners, LLCDelaware
SCA-Riverside, LLCDelaware
SCA-Rockville, LLCDelaware
SCA-Sacred Heart Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-San Diego, Inc.Delaware
SCA-San Luis Obispo, LLCDelaware

SCA-Sand Lake, LLCDelaware
SCA-Santa Rosa, Inc.Nevada
SCA-Somerset, LLCDelaware
SCA-South Jersey, LLCDelaware
SCA-Sparta, LLCDelaware
SCA-Spartanburg Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-St. Louis Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCA-St. Louis, LLCDelaware
SCA-St. Lucie, LLCDelaware
SCA-Surgicare, LLCDelaware
SCA-SwiftPath, LLCDelaware
SCA-Verta, LLCDelaware
SCA-VLR Holdings Company, LLCDelaware
SCA-Wake Forest, LLCDelaware
SCA-Western Connecticut, LLCDelaware
SCA-Westover Hills, LLCDelaware
SCA-Wilmington, LLCDelaware
SCA-Wilson, LLCDelaware
SCA-Winchester, LLCDelaware
SCA-Winter Park, Inc.Tennessee
SCA-Woodlands Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCLHS-SCA Holdings, LLCDelaware
SCP Specialty Infusion, LLCDelaware
Seashore Surgical Institute, L.L.C.New Jersey
Seisa Serviços Integrados de Saúde Ltda.Brazil
Senate Street Surgery Center, LLCIndiana
Senior Benefits, L.L.C.Arizona
Serquinox Holdings LLCDelaware
Servicios de Entrenamiento en Competencias Clínicas Ltda.Chile
Servicios Integrados de Salud Ltda.Chile
Servicios Médicos Amed Quilpué S.A.Chile
Servicios Médicos Bío Bío Ltda.Chile
Servicios Médicos Ciudad del Mar Ltda.Chile
Servicios Médicos Santa María Ltda.Chile
Servicios Médicos Vespucio Ltda.Chile
Serviclínica S.A. (Ex Los Leones, La Calera)Chile
Servisalud S.A. (Ex Los Carrera, Quilpué)Chile
SHC Atlanta, LLCDelaware
SHC Austin, Inc.Georgia
SHC Hawthorn, Inc.Georgia
SHC Melbourne, Inc.Georgia
Sierra Dental Plan, Inc.California
Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company, Inc.Nevada
Sierra Health Services, Inc.Nevada
Sierra Health-Care Options, Inc.Nevada
Sierra Home Medical Products, Inc.NevadaSouthwest Medical Associates, Inc.
Southwest Medical Pharmacy & Home Medical Equipment
THC of Nevada

Sierra Nevada Administrators, Inc.Nevada
Sistema de Administración Hospitalaria S.A.C.Peru
Small Business Insurance Advisors, Inc.Texas
Sobam – Centro Médico Hospitalar S.A.Brazil
Sociedad de Inversiones Santa María S.A.Chile
Sociedad Editorial para la Ciencia Ltda.Colombia
Somerset Outpatient Surgery, L.L.C.New Jersey
Sound Inpatient Physicians Medical Group, Inc.California
Sound Inpatient Physicians of Ohio, LLCOhio
Sound Inpatient Physicians of Texas I, Inc.Texas
Sound Inpatient Physicians, Inc.Delaware
Sound Kenwood Hospitalists of Cincinnati, Inc.Ohio
Sound Kenwood Hospitalists of Cincinnati, LLCOhio
Sound Physicians Advisory Services, Inc.Delaware
Sound Physicians Alaska Hospitalist Group, LLCDelaware
Sound Physicians Emergency Medicine of Arizona, Inc.Arizona
Sound Physicians Emergency Medicine of Louisiana, Inc.Louisiana
Sound Physicians Emergency Medicine of South Carolina, LLCSouth Carolina
Sound Physicians Holdings, LLCDelaware
Sound Physicians Intensivists of Arizona, Inc.Arizona
Sound Physicians of Florida IV, LLCFlorida
Sound Physicians of Hawaii, Inc.Hawaii
Sound Physicians of Illinois, LLCIllinois
Sound Physicians of Indiana, LLCIndiana
Sound Physicians of Kankakee, Illinois, LLCIllinois
Sound Physicians of Massachusetts, Inc.Massachusetts
Sound Physicians of Nebraska, LLCNebraska
Sound Physicians of New Jersey, LLCNew Jersey
Sound Physicians of North Carolina, PLLCNorth Carolina
Sound Physicians of South Carolina, LLCSouth Carolina
Sound Physicians of Wyoming, LLCWyoming
South Arlington Surgical Providers, LLCTexasSame Day Surgicare
South County Surgical Center, LLCMissouri
South Placer Surgery Center, L.P.California
Southwest Medical Associates, Inc.NevadaOptumCare
OptumCare Community Center
Sierra Home Medical Products, Inc.
Southwest Hospitalist Services Group
Southwest Medical Pharmacy & Home Medical Equipment
Southwest Michigan Health Network Inc.Michigan
Southwest Surgery Center, LLCIllinoisCenter for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Southwest Surgical Center of Bakersfield, L.P.California
Space Coast Surgical Center, Ltd.FloridaMerritt Island Surgery Center
Spartanburg Surgery Center, LLCSouth Carolina
Specialists in Urology Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Specialized Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Pennsylvania
Specialty Benefits, LLCDelawareEyeFit
EyeFit Vision Center
EyeFit Vision Centers
Specialty Billing Solutions, LLCColorado
Specialty Surgical Center, LLCNew Jersey
Spectera of New York, IPA, Inc.New York

Spectera, Inc.Maryland
Spectrum Health Orthopedic Surgery Center, LLCMichigan
SRPS, LLCDelaware
SSSC Holdings, LLCIndiana
St. Cloud Outpatient Surgery, Ltd., a Minnesota Limited PartnershipMinnesota
St. Cloud Surgical Center, LLCDelaware
St. Louis Cardiovascular Institute, LLCMissouri
St. Louis Specialty Surgical Center, LLCMissouri
Stonegate JV Partners, LLCTexas
Stonegate Surgery Center, L.P.Texas
Summer Street ASC, LLCConnecticutSpecialty Surgery Center of Connecticut
SunSurgery, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center at Cherry Creek, LLCColorado
Surgery Center at Cottonwood, LLCUtah
Surgery Center at Grove Creek, LLCUtah
Surgery Center at Kissing Camels, LLCColorado
Surgery Center at South Ogden, LLCUtah
Surgery Center at St. Vincent, LLCOregon
Surgery Center Holding, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Boca Raton, Inc.Florida
Surgery Center of Colorado Springs, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Des Moines, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Easton, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Ellicott City, Inc.Delaware
Surgery Center of Fairfield County, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Fort Collins, LLCColorado
Surgery Center of Lexington, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Louisville, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Maui, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Mt. Scott, LLCOregon
Surgery Center of Muskogee, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Rockville, L.L.C.Maryland
Surgery Center of Southern Pines, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of The Woodlands, LLCTexas
Surgery Center of Wilmington Properties, LLCNorth Carolina
Surgery Center of Wilmington, LLCNorth Carolina
Surgery Center of Wilson, LLCNorth Carolina
Surgery Centers of Des Moines, Ltd., an Iowa Limited PartnershipIowa
Surgery Centers-West Holdings, LLCDelaware
Surgical Care Affiliates Political Action CommitteeAlabama
Surgical Care Affiliates, LLCDelaware
Surgical Care Partners of Melbourne, LLCDelaware
Surgical Caregivers of Fort Worth, LLCTexas
Surgical Center of Greensboro, LLCNorth Carolina
Surgical Center of San Diego, LLCCalifornia
Surgical Center of South Jersey, Limited PartnershipNew Jersey
Surgical Center of Tuscaloosa Holdings, LLCAlabama

Surgical Eye Experts, LLCMassachusetts
Surgical Health Of Orlando, LLCFlorida
Surgical Health, LLCDelaware
Surgical Hospital Holdings of Oklahoma, LLCDelaware
Surgical Management Solutions, LLCDelaware
Surgicare of Central Jersey, LLCNew Jersey
Surgicare of Jackson, LLCDelaware
Surgicare of Jackson, Ltd., a Mississippi Limited PartnershipMississippi
Surgicare of Joliet, Inc.Illinois
Surgicare of La Veta, Inc.California
Surgicare of La Veta, Ltd., a California Limited PartnershipCalifornia
Surgicare of Minneapolis, LLCDelaware
Surgicare of Minneapolis, Ltd., a Minnesota Limited PartnershipMinnesota
Surgicare of Mobile, LLCDelaware
Surgicare of Mobile, Ltd.Alabama
Surgicare of Oceanside, Inc.California
Surgicare of Owensboro, LLCDelaware
Surgicare of Salem, LLCDelaware
Surgicare, LLCIndiana
Surgicenters of Southern California, Inc.California
Sutter Alhambra Surgery Center, L.P.California
SVHS-SCA Florida JV, LLCDelaware
Symphonix Health Holdings LLCDelaware
TeamMD Holdings, Inc.Delaware
TeamMD Iowa, Inc.Delaware
TeamMD Physicians of Texas, Inc.TexasUnitedHealthcare Alief Clinic
TeamUP Insurance Services, Inc.California
Tecnología de Información en Salud S.A.Chile
Texas Health Craig Ranch Surgery Center, LLCTexas
Texas Health Flower Mound Orthopedic Surgery Center, LLCTexas
Texas Health Orthopedic Surgery Center Alliance, LLCTexas