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NameJurisdiction of Incorporation
Assembléon B.V.The Netherlands
K&S Worldwide, Inc. Delaware
Kulicke & Soffa (Hong Kong) LimitedHong Kong
Kulicke & Soffa (Israel) LimitedIsrael
Kulicke & Soffa (Suzhou) LimitedChina
Kulicke and Soffa (Switzerland) Management GmbHSwitzerland
Kulicke & Soffa Foreign Investments, LLCUS
Kulicke & Soffa Global Holding CorporationLabuan, Malaysia
Kulicke & Soffa Global Investments, Inc.US
Kulicke & Soffa Holdings B.V. The Netherlands
Kulicke & Soffa Liteq B.V. The Netherlands
Kulicke & Soffa Luxembourg Investment Holdings S.à r.LLuxembourg
Kulicke and Soffa Luxembourg S.à r.LLuxembourg
Kulicke & Soffa Netherlands B.V.The Netherlands
Kulicke & Soffa Netherlands Investment Holdings B.V.The Netherlands
Kulicke & Soffa Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Kulicke & Soffa Holland Holdings B.V.The Netherlands
Micro-Swiss LimitedIsrael
(1)Certain subsidiaries are omitted; however, such subsidiaries, even if combined into one subsidiary, would not constitute a “significant subsidiary” within the meaning of Regulation S-X.