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Exhibit 21

Certain subsidiaries of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. as of August 31, 2020 and their respective state of incorporation or organization are listed below. The names of certain other subsidiaries have been omitted because, considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, they would not constitute, as of August 31, 2020, a “significant subsidiary” as that term is defined in Rule 1-02(w) of Regulation S-X.
NameState or Country
of Incorporation
Walgreen Arizona Drug Co.Arizona
Walgreens Boots Alliance Holdings LLCDelaware
Waltrust Properties, Inc.Delaware
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, LLCDelaware
Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy LLCDelaware
WBA Investments, Inc.Delaware
WBA Financial, LLCDelaware
United Company of Pharmacists SAEEgypt
Alliance Healthcare RépartitionFrance
Alliance Healthcare Deutschland AGGermany
Walgreens Boots Alliance (Hong Kong) Investments LimitedHong Kong
Walgreen Co.Illinois
Bond Drug Company of Illinois, LLCIllinois
Boots Retail (Ireland) LimitedIreland
Walgreen Louisiana Co., Inc.Louisiana
Walgreen International S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Superior Luxco 1 S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Walgreen Investments Luxembourg S.à r.l.Luxembourg
WBA Luxembourg 7 S.à.r.l.Luxembourg
WBA Luxembourg 6 S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Farmacias Benavides S.A.B. de C.V.Mexico
Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc.New York
Duane ReadeNew York
Walgreen of Puerto Rico, Inc.Puerto Rico
Alliance Healthcare Romania SRLRomania
Alliance Healthcare España S.A.Spain
Alliance Healthcare Ecza Deposu Anonim ŞirketiTurkey
Boots UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
The Boots Company PLCUnited Kingdom
Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Alliance Boots Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
WBA Acquisitions UK Holdco 7 LimitedUnited Kingdom
Superior Acquisitions LimitedUnited Kingdom
WBAD Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
WBA International LimitedUnited Kingdom
Walgreens Boots Alliance LimitedUnited Kingdom
WBA Acquisitions UK Topco LimitedUnited Kingdom
Superior Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Walgreens Boots Alliance Scottish LPUnited Kingdom