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Exhibit 21

Subsidiaries of the Registrant


Parent Company



     State or Other
of Incorporation

WSFS Financial Corporation


Wilmington Savings Fund Society,

Federal Savings Bank

     100      United States  
   Cypress Capital Management, LLC      100      Delaware  
   WSFS Capital Management, LLC      100      Delaware  

WSFS Wealth Management, LLC

     100      Delaware  

WSFS Capital Trust III

     100      Delaware  

Wilmington Savings Fund

   WSFS Wealth Investments      100      Delaware  

Society, Federal

   257 Olde City LLC      100      Delaware  

Savings Bank

   Data Security Solutions, LLC      65      Delaware  
   MAREO Holdings I, LLC      100      Delaware  
   MAREO Holdings II, LLC      100      Delaware  
   Monarch Entity Services, LLC      100      Delaware  
   1832 Holdings, Inc.      100      Delaware