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Non-Employee Director Compensation for 2017
Board and Committee Retainer for 2017    
$119,000 shall be paid in cash
$129,000 shall be paid in shares of Campbell stock
Additional Retainers for Chairman of the Board, Committee Chairs and Audit Committee Members
In addition to the above Board and Committee retainer, the following amounts shall be paid 50% in cash and 50% in shares of Campbell stock:
Chairman of the Board
Audit Committee chair
Compensation and Organization Committee chair
Finance Committee chair
Governance Committee chairs
Audit Committee members (excluding the Audit Committee chair)
Prior to the beginning of a calendar year, a non-employee director may elect to (i) receive shares of Campbell stock in lieu of the cash portion of any retainer (such election to be made in 10% increments) and/or (ii) defer all or a portion of any cash or stock retainer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Campbell Soup Company Supplemental Retirement Plan.