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Subsidiary Name*

Name(s) Under Which

Subsidiary Does Business**

State or Jurisdiction of

Incorporation or Organization

Kinergy Marketing, LLC Kinergy Marketing Oregon
Pacific Ag. Products, LLC Pacific Ag Products / PAP California
Pacific Ethanol Development, LLC Delaware
PE Op Co.(1) Delaware
Pacific Ethanol Holding Co LLC(1) Delaware
Pacific Ethanol Columbia, LLC(1) Delaware
Pacific Ethanol Madera LLC(1) Delaware
Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC(1) Delaware
Pacific Ethanol Stockton LLC(1) Delaware
AVR Merger Sub. Inc. Delaware



*All subsidiaries are wholly-owned by the Registrant unless otherwise specified by footnote.
**If different from the name of the subsidiary.
(1)The Registrant holds a 96% ownership interest in PE Op Co. Pacific Ethanol Holding Co LLC is wholly-owned by PE Op Co. Pacific Ethanol Columbia, LLC, Pacific Ethanol Madera LLC, Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC and Pacific Ethanol Stockton LLC are wholly-owned by Pacific Ethanol Holding Co LLC.