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Pursuant to Section 13 OR 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934


Date of Report: January 15, 2013

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Multiband Corporation

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Minnesota 41-1255001
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Item 7.01 Regulation FD Disclosure


Multiband Corporation (the Company) hereby discloses changes to its director and CEO compensation. The changes were made in consultation with an independent compensation consultant retained by the Company’s Compensation Committee. The Compensation Committee attempted to align director compensation with the median compensation levels for a large sample of comparably sized public companies. Stock-based compensation per individual outside director for 2013 will be reduced approximately $29,000 from 2012. The exact reduction is difficult to calculate because restricted stock grants to directors are now denominated in shares rather than dollars. The Board took this action to ensure that directors will not benefit (in terms of share grants) from a decline in stock price. The director’s total equity grant is comprised of both restricted shares and options. In 2013, directors will receive 12,000 restricted shares per year, with immediate vesting. Furthermore, for 2013, the Company’s board of directors made several changes to cash compensation for directors, committee chairs and committee members. The value of total compensation per individual outside director for 2013 versus 2012 is anticipated to be reduced approximately 22%, subject to the number of meetings actually held in 2013. The aforementioned changes are summarized in the table below on a per outside director basis.


   2013   2012 
Average per outside director:          
Cash compensation (retainer)  $42,000   $41,000 
Cash compensation (meetings)   16,000    14,000 
Total cash compensation   58,000    55,000 
Stock compensation (restricted stock)   17,000    31,000 
Stock compensation (stock options)   16,000    31,000 
Total stock compensation   33,000    62,000 
Total compensation  $91,000   $117,000 


With regards to CEO compensation, the Company’s Compensation Committee determined that the CEO’s Long-Term Incentive (LTI) will be awarded in 2013 with stock options and no restricted stock grants. The Committee determined that the inherent risk and performance element in stock options would be better aligned with shareholders’ interest.





Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, the Registrant has duly caused this Form 8-K report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized.


  Multiband Corporation  
Date: January 17, 2013 By: /s/ James L. Mandel  
    James L. Mandel  
    Chief Executive Officer