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Accounting Policies
6 Months Ended
Aug. 31, 2012
Accounting Policies:  
Organization, Consolidation, Basis of Presentation, Business Description and Accounting Policies

Note 1 – Basis of Presentation


The Company was incorporated in Delaware on February 24, 2010, with an objective to acquire, or merge with, an operating business.  As of August 31, 2012, the Company had not yet commenced any operations.


The Company is a "blank check" company. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission defines such a company as “a development stage company” that has no specific business plan or purpose, or has indicated that its business plan is to engage in a merger or acquisition with an unidentified company or companies, or other entity or person; and issues ‘penny stock,’ as defined in Rule 3a51-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Many states have enacted statutes, rules and regulations limiting the sale of securities of "blank check" companies in their respective jurisdictions. Management does not intend to undertake any efforts to cause a market to develop in its securities, either debt or equity, until the Company concludes a business combination.


Basis of Presentation and Significant Accounting Policies

Note 2 – Significant Accounting Policies


Basis of presentation


The accompanying unaudited interim financial statements and related notes have been prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America for interim financial information, and with the rules and regulations of the SEC to Form 10-Q and Article 8 of Regulation S-X.  Accordingly, they do not include all of the information and footnotes required by U.S. GAAP for complete financial statements.  The unaudited interim financial statements furnished reflect all adjustments (consisting of normal recurring accruals) that are, in the opinion of management, necessary to a fair statement of the results for the interim periods presented.  Interim results are not necessarily indicative of the results for the full fiscal year.  These financial statements should be read in conjunction with the financial statements of the Company for the period from February 24, 2010 (inception) through February 29, 2012 and notes thereto contained in the Company’s Registration Statement on Form 10 as filed with the SEC on May 24, 2012.