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12 Months Ended
Jan. 31, 2012
Notes to Financial Statements  

As of January 31, 2012, the Company has estimated tax loss carry forwards for tax purpose of approximately $78,554, which expire by 2031. These amounts may be applied against future taxable income. Future tax benefits which may arise as a result of these losses have not been recognized in these financial statements, as their realization has not been determined to be more likely than not to occur.


The actual income tax provisions differ from the expected amounts calculated by applying the statutory income tax rate to the Company’s loss before income taxes. The components of these differences are as follows:


    2012     2011  
Loss before income tax   $ 45,121     $ 25,375  
Statutory tax rate     34 %     34 %
Expected recovery of income taxes at standard rates     15,341       8,627  
Change in valuation allowance     (15,341 )     (8,627 )
Income tax provision   $ -     $ -  


Components of deferred tax asset:            
Non-capital tax loss carry forwards   $ 26,708     $ 11,367  
Less: valuation allowance     (26,708 )     (11,367 )
Net deferred tax asset   $ -     $ -  


  The Company has not filed income tax returns since inception in the United States. Both taxing authorities prescribe penalties for failing to file certain tax returns and supplemental disclosure. Upon filing there could be penalties an interest assessed. Such penalties vary by jurisdiction and by assessing practices and authorities. As the Company has incurred losses since inception there would be no known or anticipated exposure to penalties for income tax liability. However, certain jurisdictions may assess penalties for failing to file returns and other disclosures and for failing to file other supplemental information associated with foreign ownership, debt and equity position. Inherent uncertainties arise over tax positions taken with respect to transfer pricing, related party transactions, tax credits, tax based incentives and stock based transactions. Management has considered the likelihood and significance of possible penalties associated with its current and intended filing positions and has determined, based on their assessment, that such penalties, if any, would not be expected to be material.