Zoetis Inc. company info

CIK 1555280
IRS Number 460696167
State of incorporation None
Business address 10 SYLVAN WAY
Mail address 10 SYLVAN WAY

Short summary

Zoetis Inc. is a New Jersey company, with head office located at 10 Sylvan Way Parsippany, New Jersey 07054. The company achieved a record breaking net income last year - 1.43 billion USD. This is 65.28% higher than one reported in 2017. In 2018 the company owned a total of 10.80 billion USD worth of assets, including 4.40 billion USD worth of current assets. An analysis of the recent trend shows a steady growth of company assets, with a 25.54% growth from the last year and a 89.11% increase in the 7 year period.

Zoetis Inc. Income Statement

Name [in Millions USD]2009201020112012201320142015201620172018Trends
Revenue, Net 3,5824,2334,3364,5614,7854,7654,8885,307
Cost of Goods and Services Sold 1,4441,6521,5631,6691,7171,7381,6661,7751,911
Selling, General and Administrative Expense 1,3821,4531,4701,6131,6431,5321,3641,3341,484
Interest expense 3631113117124166175206
Other Nonoperating Income (Expense) -4-502-35101415
Income Tax Expense (Benefit) 67146274187233206409663266
Net income 1102454365045833398218641,428

Zoetis Inc. Balance Sheet

Name [in Millions USD]2009201020112012201320142015201620172018Trends
Cash and cash equivalents 99631133695785446756291,5581,286
Accounts Receivable, Net, Current 8711,1371,0989939089549731,036
Inventories 1,0631,2571,3361,4171,4611,5351,4201,391
Deferred income taxes 96921081270
Property, Plant and Equipment, Gross 2,1492,2522,3232,4632,5152,7392,9063,257
Accumulated Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization, Property, Plant, and Equipment 9069741,1141,1791,2481,4351,5221,599
Goodwill 9349899829841,1671,4591,4971,5142,519
Intangible Assets, Net (Excluding Goodwill) 9288347746971,2101,2321,2252,046
Other Assets, Noncurrent 9757715848727594
Total assets 5,7116,2616,5226,5987,4537,6498,60310,800
Current assets 2,3113,0823,3273,3163,3073,3834,2394,399
Accounts payable 214587337278210231230313
Taxes Payable, Current 188397591181005335
Total current liabilities 8431,3211,0611,5721,1631,7309671,223
Long-term Debt, Excluding Current Maturities 3,6403,6423,2434,4643,7184,9556,443
Deferred income taxes 311308314234270272229474
Other Accrued Liabilities, Noncurrent 627552383434425
Total liabilities 1,9755,4385,2395,3966,2666,0146,6218,592
Common Stock, Value, Issued 5555555
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit) 1095317951,0161,6512,7223,270
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss), Net of Tax 55-74-65-183-199-504-618-552-543-629

Zoetis Inc. Cash Flow

Name [in Millions USD]2009201020112012201320142015201620172018Trends
Net income 1102454365045833398218641,428
Depreciation 127135133146141135145142152
Amortization of Intangible Assets 58706763636495100157
Depreciation and amortization 185205200209204199240242308
Deferred Income Tax Expense (Benefit) -6865-7423-49-85-55127-112
Accounts receivable -30856599-6958-155067
Inventories -117-40318104110262101-19-61
Accounts payable 25-1696-82-21017-28-1037
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating Activities 2544974546816266647131,3461,790
Payments to Acquire Property, Plant, and Equipment 124135126184180224216224338
Payments to Acquire Businesses, Net of Cash Acquired 8134500022988821,884
Payments to Acquire Intangible Assets 01500
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities -9-449-135-179-187-1,115-214-270-2,259
Payments for Repurchase of Common Stock 00203300500698
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities -277-30-78-200-154755-903-251533
Cash and Cash Equivalents, Period Increase (Decrease) -3616238293272272-42783738