Tronox Holdings plc company info

CIK 1530804
IRS Number 981467236
State of incorporation X0
Business address 263 TRESSER BLVD., SUITE 1100
Mail address 263 TRESSER BLVD., SUITE 1100

Short summary

Tronox Holdings plc is a Connecticut company, with head office located at 263 Tresser Blvd., Suite 1100 Stamford, Connecticut 06901. In 2018 the company owned a total of 4.73 billion USD worth of assets, including 2.57 billion USD worth of current assets. 2012 was the year when the company amassed the most assets.

Tronox Holdings plc Income Statement

Name [in Millions USD]201020112012201320142015201620172018Trends
Cost of Goods and Services Sold 1,1761,3091,321
Gross Profit 264190207120247389498
Selling, General and Administrative Expense 239187192199210249267
Research and development 69910111311811
Operating Income (Loss) 2530-201-53141200
Interest expense 185188193
Other Nonoperating Income (Expense) -7462728-33-933
Income Tax Expense (Benefit) 02926841-115613
Net income 1,133-126-427-329-59-285-7

Tronox Holdings plc Balance Sheet

Name [in Millions USD]201020112012201320142015201620172018Trends
Cash and cash equivalents 611861,3891,3722051883031,0361,068
Accounts Receivable, Net, Current 425370472405457341300
Inventories 749754780566506451486
Deferred income taxes 5433100
Property, Plant and Equipment, Gross 1,5631,6242,4972,4792,6361,8251,850
Accumulated Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization, Property, Plant, and Equipment 254396530647820792858
Intangible Assets, Net (Excluding Goodwill) 313306
Other Assets, Noncurrent 807075232336110
Total assets 5,8475,5665,5924,8934,9944,7334,726
Current assets 2,6542,5801,5321,2041,3222,6052,571
Accounts payable 129154203159201131150
Total current liabilities 336352560535550335442
Long-term Debt, Excluding Current Maturities 2,3902,3862,9672,8892,887
Long-term Debt 720.702,4082,4052,9842,9452,936
Deferred income taxes 209200190148161165159
Total liabilities 3,2573,2434,0633,8933,8193,8364,046
Common Stock, Value, Issued 1
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit) 1,187957302-84-69-347-397
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss), Net of Tax -57-245-296-432-553-454-496-612

Tronox Holdings plc Cash Flow

Name [in Millions USD]201020112012201320142015201620172018Trends
Net income 1,133-126-427-329-59-285-7
Depreciation 127191158187171125134
Amortization of Intangible Assets 02225272726252526
Depreciation and amortization 211333295294236182195
Deferred Income Tax Expense (Benefit) 12332370-92-21
Accounts receivable -88-58-23-20275011
Inventories 220-75101-157-111-5747
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating Activities 118337141
Payments to Acquire Productive Assets 1661651871658691117
Payments to Acquire Businesses, Net of Cash Acquired 001,65000
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities -52-171-187
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities, Continuing Operations -52-164-187-1,814-1171,234-174
Proceeds from Issuance of Long-term Debt 1,707945075002,589615
Proceeds from Issuance of Common Stock 185
Payments for Repurchase of Common Stock 32600
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities 490614-132602-7824-46
Cash and Cash Equivalents, Period Increase (Decrease) 562762-199-1,04719868