HD Supply Holdings, Inc. company info

CIK 1573097
IRS Number 260486780
State of incorporation DE
Business address 3400 CUMBERLAND BOULEVARD

Short summary

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. is a Georgia company, with head office located at 3400 Cumberland Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30339. In 2016 the company owned a total of 6.29 billion USD worth of assets, including 2.34 billion USD worth of current assets. 2012 was the year when the company amassed the most assets.

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. Income Statement

Name [in Millions USD]2010201120122013201420152016Trends
Revenue, Net 6,9337,9438,4878,8827,388
Gross Profit 1,9912,1522,3582,5582,456
Selling, General and Administrative Expense 1,5101,5511,4431,5101,599
Operating Expenses 1,8361,8571,9841,9401,720
Operating Income (Loss) 155295488567736
Interest expense 639658528461394
Other Nonoperating Income (Expense) 1-203-1
Income Tax Expense (Benefit) 79396256-1,085
Net income -543-1,179-21831,472

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. Balance Sheet

Name [in Millions USD]2010201120122013201420152016Trends
Cash and cash equivalents 111111141173155269313
Accounts Receivable, Net, Current 9269471,1007841,020
Inventories 9871,0721,183781887
Property, Plant and Equipment, Gross 845927870919
Accumulated Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization, Property, Plant, and Equipment 450522562593
Goodwill 3,1503,1513,1383,1373,0712,8692,869
Intangible Assets, Net (Excluding Goodwill) 473338192127119
Other Assets, Noncurrent 159136292219
Total assets 6,7387,3346,2276,3216,0166,289
Current assets 3,1632,3032,5751,9832,343
Accounts payable 693664887490721
Total current liabilities 2,0431,0931,1758711,047
Long-term Debt, Excluding Current Maturities 6,4305,5345,3614,3024,299
Long-term Debt 5,1744,3114,308
Deferred income taxes 104114173142
Total liabilities 8,9257,0886,8195,2725,448
Common Stock, Value, Issued 12222
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit) -4,285-4,503-4,315-3,150-3,076
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss), Net of Tax -2-15-23-16-14

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. Cash Flow

Name [in Millions USD]2010201120122013201420152016Trends
Net income -543-1,179-21831,472
Depreciation and amortization 326306242207111
Amortization of Intangible Assets 2442431358015
Depreciation and amortization 350342246226134
Deferred Income Tax Expense (Benefit) 76-25048-912
Inventories 1491771017138
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating Activities -165-681-367295422
Payments to Acquire Productive Assets 11511513111986
Payments to Acquire Businesses, Net of Cash Acquired 21248-3
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities -6-80082084726
Proceeds from Issuance of Long-term Debt 6,365791,270287
Proceeds from Issuance of Common Stock 1,039
Payments for Repurchase of Common Stock 5271
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities -101,511-474-404-962
Cash and Cash Equivalents, Period Increase (Decrease) -18130-26-30184